Nordvest OK and Mariager Fjord OK

invites you to Påskeløb the 13.-15. april
in Nationalpark Thy.

The race is a ****-C-event.


Stage 1: Tved Plantage

Tved Klitplantage is a typical plantation of the Western Jutland with very varied vegetation.
Some areas are zoned as untouched natural forest.
In other parts there are areas of compact pinetrees which are difficult to run through - especially in the western part.
Scattered areas with broad-leaved trees and open areas with just a few trees.
The plantation is not hilly but has a lot of  detailed contour lines.
A few wetlands. A lot of paths and roads. There has been a lot of forest work the last years.  
Field work 2016

Stage 2 and 3: Tvorup Øst

Same assembly area on both days

Stage 2:
A big part of the forest is covered with dunes with and without trees. In the southwestern part there is a rather flat area.
The eastern and southwestern part of the forest has a lot of paths and varied runnability. In the northwestern part there are areas with fewer paths and rather close pinetrees. 

Stage 3:

The forest is characterized by larger flat areas with some ditches. The flat areas are interrupted by stripes of hilly dunes with pines. Generally there is a lot of paths and roads but some areas have almost no paths.
The vegetation is pines varied from small parts with dense forest to an open forest with old trees. In some areas all the trees have been felled and other areas are dunes without trees. Generally god runability.

Field work 2016
All maps are 1:7.500 or 1:10.000 (see classes), contour interval 2,5 m.
The maps are offset-printed on tear- and water resistant paper  


1. stage: Marking on road 26 (Hanstholmvej) between Nors and Ræhr
2. and 3. stage: Marking on road 539 northeast of Sjørring by Trapsandevej and on road 181 north of Vorupør by Tvorupvej

The event area is open tuesday and friday at 9.00.
Saturday the event area  is open from 08.00


Classes with less than 5 participants can be merged with another relevant class.

Lenght of courses:
On stage 1 we endeavor max. lenght
On stage  2 and 3 we endeavor min. lenght

Classes using maps 1:7.500 are marked by ***

D-10A ***Beginner2,5-3,5 kmH-10A ***Beginner2,5-3,5 km
D-10B ***Beginner2,5-3,5 kmH-10B ***Beginner2,5-3,5 km
D-12A ***Easy3,5-4,5 kmH-12A ***Easy3,5-4,5 km
D-12B ***Beginner2,5-3,5 kmH-12B ***Beginner2,5-3,5 km
D13-99***Begynder3,0-4,0 kmH13-99***Begynder3,0-4,0 km
D-14A Intermediate4,5-5,5 kmH-14AIntermediate5,0-6,0 km
D-14B ***Easy3,0-4,0 kmH-14B ***Easy3,0-4,0 km
D15-C ***Easy3,0-4,0 kmH15-C ***Easy3,0-4,0 km
D-16ADifficult5,5-6,5 kmH-16ADifficult7,0-8,0 km
D-20AKDifficult4,5-5,5 kmH-20AKDifficult5,5-6,5 km
D-20B***Intermediate3,5-4,5 kmH-20BIntermediate4,5-5,5 km
D-18ADifficult5,5-6,5 kmH-18ADifficult8,0-9,0 km
D-20ADifficult6,5-7,5 kmH-20ADifficult9,0-11,0 km
D21ADifficult7,0-8,0 kmH21ADifficult11,0-13,0 km
D21AKDifficult4,5-5,5 kmH21AKDifficult6,5-7,5 km
D21AMDifficult5,5-6,5 kmH21AMDifficult8,0-9,0 km
D21B***Intermediate3,5-4,5 kmH21BIntermediate4,5-5,5 km
D35ADifficult6,5-7,5 kmH35ADifficult9,0-11,0 km
D35B***Intermediate3,5-4,5 kmH35BIntermediate4,5-5,5 km
D40ADifficult5,5-6,5 kmH40ADifficult9,0-11,0 km
D45ADifficult5,5-6,5 kmH45ADifficult8,0-9,0 km
D45AK ***Difficult 3,5-4,0 kmH45AKDifficult4,0-5,0 km
D45B***Intermediate3,0-4,0 kmH45B***Intermediate3,5-4,5 km
D50ADifficult4,0-5,0 kmH50ADifficult7,0-8,0 km
D55ADifficult4,0-5,0 kmH55ADifficult7,0-8,0 km
D55AK ***Difficult2,5-3,5 kmH55AK ***Difficult3,5-4,0 km
D60A ***Difficult3,5-4,0 kmH60A ***Difficult5,5-6,5 km
D65A ***Difficult3,5-4,0 kmH65A ***Difficult5,0-5,5 km
D70A ***Difficult2,5-3,5 kmH70A ***Difficult4,0-5,0 km
D75A ***Difficult2,0-2,5 kmH75A ***Difficult3,5-4,0 km
D80A ***Difficult2,0-2,5 kmH80A ***Difficult2,5-3,5 km
H85A ***Difficult2,0-2,5 km

Participants from classes without the letter A, AK or AM must be followed by another person. This person is not allowed to start on the same course later.

Stage 1: 1. start 11.00
Stage 2: 1. start 10.00

Classes named beginner has a free starttime every day - put and run

Stage 3: Chasing start with 1. start between 10.00-11.30 for all classes named difficult and intermediate.

Participants, who has not completed both stage 1 and stage 2, or participants that are more than an hour behind the fastest in his/her class,
are starting stage 3 whenever they want between 
09.00-09.45 - "put and run" 

Classes named beginner and easy are starting normally from 10.00

Open courses

Open courses are sold at all stages at the eventoffice at the event area:

10.30-12.30 on stage 1
09.30-11.30 on stage 2.-3

Fee: DKK
120 for D/H-20 and DKK 150 for D/H 21-.
Rental of ECard: DKK 20


Rental ECards are handed out in a tent at the start
on stage 1.
A lost ECard has a repayment of 500 DKK.

Entry and fees

All inquiries regarding entries to :
Keld Østergaard
0045 2753 5134


D/H -20: DKK 300
D/H 21-: DKK 400
Rental of ECard: DKK 50 for three stages

No entry after 24-03-2017. Use open courses

Foreign participants

Foreign participants use Orienteering Online or this Excel-spreadsheet
At the same time fees are send to:

Påskeløbet 2017
Markvaenget 10c
7700 Thisted

IBAN : DK23 9090 0003 8195 90




Price to no.. 1-3 on stage 1 and 2
Price to the overall no.. 1-3 after stage 3

H/D18- and H/D 15-C and H/D13-99 beg.
Price to the overall no.. 1-3 after stage 3


Stage 1: Parking - event area 500 m. Event area - start 1.000 m
Stage 2: Parking - event area 1.000 m. 
Event area - start 1.000 m. Parking - start 200 m
Stage 3: 
Parking - event area 1.000 m. Event area - start 250 m. Parking - start 1.250 m

Changing/showerfacilities and lodging

Changing- and showerfacilities are not offered
For accomodation:  Visit Thy

Childrens course and childcare

Free child coursesc including small prices are offered. All three days 10.00 – 14.00.

Free childcare is offere provided that registration is made by sending an email to . Please mention the name and the age of the child at registration.

Food and drinks

Fodd and drinks are available at the event  area

Traing is offered on printed cards:
Tuesday 11. april in Vilsbøl Plantage 11-15 - fixed controls
Marking on road 557 (Klitmøllervej)
Fee: DKK 25 per card

Wednesday12. april in Bøgsted Rende 11-15 - EMIT controls
Typical plantation of the western Jutland close to the sea with big open dune/heath areas
and a lot of contour details. Varied vegetation that mostly is dense pinebrushwood with just a few paths..

Marking on road 181 north of  Vorupør (Bøgsted Rende Vej)
Fee: DKK 50 per card

Both days all controls are printed on the card.


Event planners:

Lone Bernth Jensen, Nordvest OK 6130 1713,
Jørn Blom, Mariager Fjord OK, 2785 1711, 
Erik B. Nielsen, Mariager Fjord OK
Jane  Thode Jensen, Nordvest OK
Kristian Edsen, Nordvest OK
Keld Østergaard, Mariager Fjord OK

Keld Østergaard
0045 2753 5134

Course planners:

1. etape: Hermann Jensen og Henrik Overgaard, Nordvest OK
2. etape: Helge Poulsen og Niels J. Iversen, Mariager Fjord OK
3. etape: Søren Munthe, Mariager Fjord OK

Course controllers:

1. etape: Per Korsbæk, St. Binderup OK
2. etape: Steffen Alm, Nordvest OK
3. etape: Jesper Lundsgaard, Vestjysk Orienteringsklub

Event controller

Ole Nielsen, Aalborg OK


Birgitte Halle, Aarhus 1900 Orientering.